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Ultimate OCR takes place in Hacksta, Stockholm, Sweden the 29th of April 2017.
A challenging obstacle course race of 9+ km running and 40 obstacles.
It is your performance that matters and everyone can join!


9+ km running

The course goes through the various substrates through the forest of Hacksta.
Obstacles will meet the runner along the road and the major obstacles will be placed in locations easily accessible to the public and spectators.


40 obstacles.

We believe that the ultimate obstacle course race includes elements of climbing, strength and running.
The great difficulty should not be to clear all the obstacles, the great difficulty lies in getting first of all in the elite!


No penalties, however, a wristband.

We do not believe in punishment.
At the Ultimate OCR everyone starts with a wristband.
You get unlimited number of attempts to complete each obstacle. If you give up, your wristband will be cut and you can continue the race.
Only runners with the wristband can stand on the podium and the results list will first and foremost be ranked after those who managed to keep the wristband.

But, you´ll get your time and your medal of honour whether you still have the wristband or not.


Timing and team competition

Every runner who crosses the finish line gets a their time registered and their individual position.
The runners who have entered the same team name, form a team.
Teams with at least 4 runners will automatically participate in the team event where the four best times are counted within the team.
A team must consist of a minimum of 4 runners.

(Elite Runners can not simultaneously compete in the team event.)


Qualifying race

The race is used by OCR Team Sweden as one of the events when they select future athletes.
The race is also qualifying to OCR European Championships.
The race is an unofficial Firemen Championship with its own starting group of firefighters.

Qualification terms OCREC:
The following qualification terms apply as per September 1, 2015:

If a qualifying race does keep registration of the date of birth of their competitors, the top 10 finishers per gender AND the top 10 finishers in each age group per gender qualify in principle.

Important addition: No more than 50% of the competitors in an age group or a gender at a qualifying race can qualify (e.g. if an age group has only 10 competitors in it, only the top 5 competitors are qualified.)

The top 10 finishers per gender overall qualify for elite division. With this qualification you can also participate in the age groups.

The top 10 finishers per age group per gender who are not part of the top 10 finishers per gender overall, qualify for the age group division.
(With this qualification you can’t enrol for the elite division.)

Elite Division

The elite start will include the top runners of the Swedish elite in OCR.
Are you ready to test your skills against the best in Sweden?
You can read more about the demands of the elite on our website.


The winners of the Elite Men and Elite Women win 10 000 SEK each.
Second place 3000 SEK – and third place 1000 SEK.

Product prize to the top three teams of the team competition.



Unfortunately there is no parking available at Domarudden during the day of the race.
Parking is located Åkersberga Sports Center where shuttle buses take you to the start.
The bus is free.



In central Åkersberga the hotel The Public is located.
The afterparty and race dinner will be held at The Public, so book your stay and you will not miss anything!

Call +46 8 519 773 00 to make your reservation and use the code ”Ultimate OCR” for 20% off the price.


To get to Hacksta, Åkersberga:

From Stockholm City, Central Station.
Use the subway to get to Tekniska Högskolan.
Change to Roslagsbanan to Österskär.
Alight in Åkersberga Centrum and walk for approx 10-15 min to the race area.

From Arlanda Airport:
Taxi to Åkersberga is about 650 SEK.

Find someone to travel with:
Here you can find our facebook group to find someone to travel with.